What is Steel Flat Bar

  • Steel Flat Bar is one of the most widely used steel products in industries such as packaging, construction projects, automobile manufacturing and even kitchen appliances which is produced in the form of a large rectangular strap. Steel Flat Bars have some unique features such as good ductility and tensile that distinguish it from other steel products.The presence of Steel Flat Bar is quite visible in our daily lives. Just take a look at fire extinguishers. The band that attaches the capsule to the wall must be strong enough to hold the capsule. This strap is made of steel flat bar, or for example, the fences and building guards around us and even the steps of the pedestrian bridge are made of steel flat bar. 

    Type of Steel Flat Bar 

    Steel Flat Bars on the basis of quality of the materials used in its construction and also its size has variety types. In general, there are various types of steel flat bar in the market, such as: galvanized flat bar, hot-rolled flat bar, cold-rolled flat bar, stainless steel flat bar, machining and etc. Steel flat bars are known for their high strength.

    In the ironwork market, iron flat bar is divided into different types. Each of these flat bars has its own characteristics, which we introduce the most important and most widely used here.

    *Machining Flat Bar: Machining flat bar is a type of iron flat belt that is produced by cutting the mother sheet. This cutting is made by a guillotine. After cutting the sheet to the desired size and according to the customer’s order, it becomes a rectangle. Then by a special process that called polishing the sharp edges are smoothed. 

    *Fabric Flat Bar: It is a type of iron flat bar that is produced by hot rolling method from steel billet. The length of this flat bar is generally between 2 to 7 meters and with thicknesses of 3 to 10 mm is supplied in the market. This product is used in product packaging and construction making.

    *Hot-Rolled Flat Bar: This flat bar is produced by hot-rolling method which the raw material is scrap iron. The length of this flat bar is from 4 to 7 meters and its production is easy and simpler. This product is produced under the supervision of the operator. Due to the use of scrap iron for manufacturing, the price of hot-rolled flat bar is cheaper than others flat bar.

    *Alloy Steel Flt Bar: In some flat bars, a series of alloys such as austenite, martensite, titanium, copper or aluminum are added to them, which increases their strength, hardness, ductility and toughness. Flat bars in this category include carbon alloy iron flat bar, martensitic stainless steel iron flat bar, austenitic stainless steel and hardened stainless steel flat bar.

    *Steel Flat Bar: There are different grades of steel that are used in manufacturing flat bar. Each of these grades has many features and applications. Steel flat bars that fall into this category are steel flat bar 304 (maximum carbon 0.07%), steel flat bar 316 (nickel is between 8 and 10.5%), steel flat bar 301 (maximum 0.15% carbon). This product is used in the manufacture of heat exchangers, food industry equipment, medical equipment, filter bag straps, food industry equipment and door molds of automobile.

    General Application of Steel Flat Bar:

    • Kitchen appliances

    • Surgical instruments

    • Telephone and Electrical Power cable industries

    • Pipe and door manufacturing industries

    • Automotive industry

    • Knife accessories

    What is the material of Steel Flat Bar?

    It is usually produced and supplied as iron, stainless steel, galvanized, steel, CK 45, alloy, aluminum and etc.

     Why Steel Flat Bars are so Widely Used?

    Steel flat bar have many advantages that make them very useful. Steel flat bars can be cut easily, the drilling and welding of these parts is very simple and easy. Because iron flat bars are durable and can tolerate the weight of the structure, they are often used for this purpose. 

    Steel Flat Bar is one of the supporting bases of the building. They are used for stair railings, guards and door locks. Refrigerators, microwaves, washing machines and dishwashers, and hoods are just a few daily items which are made of flat bar and strap.

    Applications of Steel Flat Bars 

    This product has many applications due to its good mechanical features. For example, it is used in the automotive industry as an automobile body and components. But contrary to popular belief, it is not used only in the automotive industry. Other applications are as follow: 

    Home Consumption: It is may be interesting for you, but this product is also used in the kitchen. Many appliances around us in the kitchen are made of this product, such as kitchen hoods, washing machines, refrigerators and even dishwashers. The reason is because water is used a lot in these devices, so a stainless steel material should be used. It is also used in water cooler tarpaulins due to its high resistance.

    Construction Industry: Building construction is one of the industries in which this product is widely used. Examples of its application include making doors, braces, fences and guards.

    Grating: Grating is a network of steel flat bars that are welded together by rebar. If you look at pedestrian bridge steps or factory floors, you will notice that they are made up of regular rectangular houses. This regular grid is the same as grating.

    Products Packing: For cargo and transportation, some cargoes, such as steel sheet or large volume of cargo such as wooden door, rope or boxel-wire, are not suitable for carrying heavy loads. For this reason, steel flat bar that have high tensile strength are used for packing.

  • Features of Steel Flat Bar 

    Along with features such as strength and good tensile property, this product has outstanding properties that make it unique. These features are:

    • Variety in size

    • Ductility

    • Recyclability

    • Long life

    • Hammering capability

    • High load bearing

    • Suitable price

    What is difference between Steel Flat Bar and Steel Sheet?

    Iron flat bar and sheets are products used in industry and construction building. Both are offered as cut sheets in different types and materials, but are tested and selected according to the type, application, usage place, desired features, strength, and etc.

  • Tips to Consider when Purchasing a Steel Flat BarEvery customer should do purchase different type of iron and steel flat bar according to the material, thickness and quality of production, which all determine the various applications of this steel section of sheet metal and its wide price range. 

    Various factors have a direct effect on our choice, such as the material of the flat bar sheet, the fabric or scrap of flat bar, the thickness, the manufacturer, and finally the price offered to the customer during purchasing the steel flat bar.

  • The Last WordSteel Flat Bar is one of the common products in the construction building industry, packing, pedestrian bridges and etc. Because of the high tension of this product, it is used to hold heavy objects and cargo. This product is made of steel St37-2, which is very resistant to impact. 

    Sarir Sanat Amir Company is a manufacturer of various types of steel flat bar with different thicknesses, which are produced according to the customer’s order by the method of cutting and transverse cutting. If you have any question or tip about the product, you can contact the experts of Sarir Sanat Amir Company.

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